Scott McCoy's

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Approx. Date Client Project Project Description & Notes

Innovation Evolver
As a personal project to help myself learn the new Swift Programming Language, I wrote an A.I. capable of playing one of my favorite board games, Innovation.
Grindr, LLC

During my time at Grindr I helped polish the app up considerably. I contributed to seven updates which overall reduced crashes by 60%, raised the app from a rating of 1 star to 2.5 stars, and massively improved the user experience with a more photo-driven layout. My data-driven approach to bug isolation and tracking was shown to be so effective that the QA team adopted it for their own process. Lastly, I helped lay the groundwork for a re-write of the app in the new Swift programming language.
Age of Learning, Inc.

Early Learning Academy
Early Learning Academy is an edutainment app for kids aged Pre-K to 3rd grade. I transitioned the team from a completely ad-hoc development process to using source control with git workflows, doing task estimations using poker planning, and coordinating development and maintenance cycles in Agile. I also introduced code reviews and unit tests. I was able to reduce the number of developer status meetings from several per day to a single scrum meeting. Programming wise, I revamped the app's local content and caching system to dramatically improve load times. I worked with team to reduce crashes 66%. I also did technical interviews for iOS developers as part of the hiring process.

Standard Creepiness Ratio
The Standard Creepiness Rule is that the youngest-aged person you can date is Your Age/2 + 7. For example, if you're 30, the youngest you can date is 22 (since 30 divided by 2 is 15, then +7 = 22). If you date someone 21 or younger, it gets to be creepy. This handy little app shows you your contact list sorted by birthdate and highlights which ones are datable! It's part utility, part humor, and part art project - I want people to scroll through their contacts list, get a little creeped out themselves, and seriously think about the arbitrary and frequently inane restrictions we place on consensual, legal love.
American Greetings

Various Secret R&D Projects
I worked on several secret Research and Development projects at AG. Sadly I can't say much about them, except that it involved e-commerce, image recognition in video feeds, and occasionally I got to wear a labcoat. I mentored junior iOS devs and transitioned the dev team from an ad-hoc development process to using JIRA and Agile for coordinating sprints. For a company Hack Day project, I inspired and helped develop an internal ranked-ballot voting system for assisting teams in deciding where to go for lunch.
Impulse Controller

iMpulse Controller, iMpulsify App
The iMpulse Controller is the world's smallest bluetooth video game controller. While developing iMpulsify, the controller's configuration app, I helped the hardware developer debug the firmware and figure out how to get media controls (fast forward, rewind, etc) working in iOS.

Hautelook is a Flash Sale ecommerce app, meaning that there are massive daily sales events lasting only a few hours in which prices on products (typically women's ready to wear clothing) are marked down 30-70%. The app was responsible for ~6 million dollars per month in retail sales. I developed for 3 major releases of the HauteLook iPhone and iPad apps. I was scrummaster for "Insomnia" release. I developed Local Notifications engine to handle challenge of sending notifications to 100K+ users at exactly 8:00 am every morning. I also developed a background task manager for offline database cleanup, which shaved 30 seconds of lag off of the launch of the app. Lastly, I did technical interviews for iOS developers as part of hiring process and mentored junior devs.
Black Powder Media

Funny video app. If you hold your phone over your mouth, it plays a video of a mouth delivering cheesy pickup lines. Meant to help break the ice when meeting someone. I was contracted to re-write an earlier version that had difficulty with device rotation in iOS 5. I added a proper view controller stack and implemented a massive cleanup and refactoring of the code base.
Airline Crazy Blog

Airline Crazy
Content aggregation & promotional app for an airline industry blogger. Used Red Foundry to develop and submit. At less than 16 hours of total development time (most of which was spent on designing the icons), this was my fastest iOS project turnaround yet.

What's For Dinner
Cooking inspiration community, driven by Facebook. I rescued the app development from a contractor who had bailed on the project. Also did development on the app's API in LAMP, and some CSS and HTML for the front-end. NBC has recently retired the DinnerTool brand.
NBC Universal

Green product locator, green business locator, and farmer's market locator. Developed the app. Interfaced with 5 separate green product APIs
NBC Universal

Game to promote NBC's "Healthy at NBCU" brand. As you work out, your avatar levels up and slims down. I helped with programming, game design and animation.

Gravity Force
A promo app for the Disneyworld attraction "Spaceship Earth" (the ride inside of the giant Epcot Sphere). In this physics game, kids learn about the force of gravity. Rotate your devices to change the direction of gravity and guide the ball into a cup. Used SpriteHelper, LevelHelper and Box2D. Learned the hard way that writing your own physics engine is often easier than learning all the quirks and bugs in an existing one.

Copware California Sourcebook
Copware is the exclusive digital distributor of the California Codes, a set of legal guidelines for police officers. The app has clear, quick answers for sticky questions like "If I'm tall enough to see over a fence, but my partner isn't, and on the other side I see some kids smoking weed, what can I do that will hold up in court?". In addition to the programming I did the initial wireframes, sketches, app flow diagrams, time estimates and project proposal.
NBC Universal

Grade your Shade
Environmental Quiz Site for determining what you can do to be more environmentally conscious. I did LAMP development for back-end (tracking quiz results)

File Transfer Utility & internal website. Used by Activision producers to schedule, start, pause & cancel transfers of massive video game ISO files between their studios in California, Canada and Ireland. Java programming, *NIX Scripting.

I wrote a multi-threaded java wrapper for the unix rsync utility. It manipulates rsync's child ssh processes to create a pausable rsync.

Disney Enhanced Previews
iPad - Movie trailer viewing app. Trailers are "enhanced" with news articles, social networking and other extras. Objective-C Programming

UIKit, iPad Video, HTML, CSS
Disney ABC TV

At The Movies
Online presence for the At The Movies TV Show. Includes every every episode and video review since 1986! Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Java Application Development.

I wrote three pieces of the site: a CMS to add new episodes, an API for the Flash components to get data from, and an automated parser to populate the database with a weekly feed from IMDB for the movies being reviewed.

The foursquare protocol is notoriously easy to hack, so I did. Zomtourage is a swarm of zombie-themed Foursquare bots that auto-accept friend invites and then follow you around. Instant swarm badge! Foursquare ended the party in August of 2010, banning all the bots' accounts. One of these days I'll ressurrect my zombie horde...

Rule Brittania
A cheating app for Words With Friends. Take a screencap of the game board on your iDevice and hand it off to Rule Brittania to processes the image. The app uses OCR to figure out where all the letters are on the board and suggests a move based not only on total point value (like most scrabble move suggestion apps do) but how much risk it exposes you to. Unfinished project. After the OCR portion was completed I lost interest in writing the AI. One of these days I'll finish it up...

The table-top wargame "WarHammer 40,000" has incredibly complex rules for shooting artillery weapons at vehicles. You place a target marker over the thing you're shooting at, then roll dice to determine how much the shot lands off-target. If after calculating scatter the shot lands over any part of the target, it counts as a hit. Since almost nothing worth shooting at is a perfect circle, scattering in one direction or another is often just as important as the distance. I never submitted this to the app store, partially out of not wanting to tangle with Games Workshop's legal department, and partially because I enjoy being the only one with this app!
NBC Universal

iPhone - Virtual Pet Flower Game. Objective-C Programming

Animation, sound, XML Parsing, game balance. Touch, mic, & accelerometer interactivity.

iPhone - Pet Illness Diagnostic App. I did Objective-C Programming

UIKit, SQLite
Tuesday Creative

Fortune Yeller
iPhone - Magic 8 Ball Parody Game. I did Objective-C Progamming

Animation, sound, physics. Touch & accelerometer interactivity.
Service Corporation International

Dignity Memorial
Funeral Services Informational & Promotional site; the public face of the Dignity brand. Designed to guide visitors to Dignity Planning (the sales site). This massive site has 100+ main pages and 1400+ unique location microsites for a total of nearly 12,000 pages, translated into 3 languages and themed for 3 brand color schemes. I did HTML, CSS, Javascript, Teamsite, XSL Programming. Also used *NIX scripting to speed up large-scale edits.

iPhone - Recipe Manager & Food Shopping Assistant App. I did Objective-C Programming

UIKit, XML Parsing, API interaction. NBC has recently retired the DinnerTool brand.
NBC Universal

Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Tooth Fairy Terror
iPhone - Arcade Shooter Game. I did Objective-C Progamming

Animation, sound, game balance. Touch & accelerometer interactivity. For a brief period, this game had more downloads on iTunes than the actual movie. :)

"The World is Your Oyster" online world
Online Flash-based game world for teaching Six Sigma to kids. I did LAMP Development for back-end supporting character exploration of the game world, tiered content unlocking, collecting gold and achievements all protected via 256 bit AES encryption.

URock The Summer Sweepstakes 2008
Fan video contest site; users upload and rate videos. Project had four time-delayed deployments for each phase of the content. I did HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Also wrote a java app/DOS script combo to merge and deploy the various project phases to get around Disney's servers not supporting apache include files.
Service Corporation International

Dignity Planning
Funeral Services Sales Site I did HTML, CSS & Javascript (jQuery, Scriptaculous, Lightbox)
NBC Universal Video on Demand

VOD Extranet
Private site for for the folks at VOD to manage their Video on Demand offerings. Hundreds of pages with 3 different color schemes. I did HTML, CSS & Javascript (jQuery, Scriptaculous)
NBC Universal Consumer Products Group

Webfarm 2
Internal site for licensing Universal-branded merchandise. I did Perl programming, SQL, Apache administration.

Upgraded Suite of legacy applications from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.
Tuesday Creative
FileMonkey File Transfer Utility used internally to push projects from development to preview environments. I did Perl development, some *nix server setup, and some bash scripting.
Digital Ammo

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned
Promo site for Lexus' Pre-Owned Vehicle program. I did development in Flash, Actionscript, HTML & CSS